Our Favorite People

Dr. Dale E. Seiden

Educational Learning Specialist for Arts-based Integrative Program for Children

17 East 96th Street (NW corner Madison) 
Street Entrance 1A, Suite #2 
New York, NY 10128

PH: 212 262 4404

FX: 212 333 4266


Dr. Dale Seiden is a NYC Educational Learning Specialist who uses a really unique and individualized technique to help children who face academic challenges in school and/or social and emotional affective behaviors that need to be changed. Because she is trained as a Fine Artist and has a Doctorate in Learning Disabilities and Education, she provides a very effective, arts-based, fun, exciting, and yet significantly therapeutic technique for kids! We refer to Dr. Seiden as soon as we see kids who need cognitive, developmental, and learning support--we work together with Dr. Seiden on a consistent basis to ensure that the "whole child" is treated--success abounds! If you have any instinct that your child can benefit from academic, emotional or social support, or if your child is showing systemic learning challenges in school, call her! We have seen transformations in kids after just a few months in Dr. Seiden's program--call us for any additional information!

She is Co-Author of Navi-Gator, A Picture-Mapping Program for Parents and Children.

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