Consultations and Evaluations



Providing the tools you need 


We offer informal diagnostic testing for ages 0-2 years of age, which is a screening of your child’s skills based on your concerns as a parent. Following the screening, we will provide verbal feedback, ideas and suggestions to improve upon any concerns that may get detected during this screening process. We may also suggest other types of evaluations from different medical professionals or education professionals that may help your child.



Identify areas of improvement


We offer full diagnostic testing, which is using age-norm data and play-based observations to help determine if your child has a delay in an area of development. You will receive a full write-up with recommendations and treatment goals, a parent consultation to review the results, and a classroom observation if necessary.



Play based sessions


All therapy at Jumping Jax is structured play based sessions with a ratio of one clinician to one client.

Standard Therapy Sessions:
30 minute session for ages 0-2 years old
45 minute sessions for children over age 2


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